If you facing issued with the Acer products and you’re not able to solve them.  you can contact the Acer support for help which is available 24/7 to help you out and provide an easy solution for the problems. Acer support will help you in issue related to any product. 



Acer projectors are the good ones which have a high quality projection on the screen. There are lots of features to enhance the user experience with the projector and they are very easy to use. but sometimes, there are issues with the projector when projector doesn’t work properly. Some of the common issues that users have faced while using an Acer Projectors are: 

1.Loose Cables: When your projector doesn’t work correctly a shut off between the presentation or while using the projector  

  Solution: The solution for it is to check the whether the cables which are connected are tight enough and not loose which may lead to the loose connection between projector or system or the projector and te power source. 

2.Broken Lamp: When you turn on your projector but nothing display on the screen.

  Solution: The solution for it si to check whether the lamps working properly and dit is not broken and clear off the dust of lamps and also clear the air vents in the projector and check the power source and also see if you have properly connected the projector to the system. 

3.Pink Tint On Ccreen: When you see a pink tint on the screen on anything which you projected whether it is movie or slide show.

 Solution: The solution for is to check the RGB setting in the projector setting and rest them and change them according to you if needed. 

4.Issues In Display: When the display s working correctly and it appears black or doesn’t show half of the items or the everything appearing on the screen is blurry. 

 Solution: The solution for it is to check the lens if it is working fine and also check the settings if they are right and I the projector is connected to power source and also clear any obstruction In the lamp. 

These are the most common issues with Acer projector that users have faced while using the Acer projector and if you need any help regarding Acer projector or any other Acer products then you can contact the Acer Support for help and also you can ask any query you Hav related to Acer products then visit Acer Tech Support


There are many users of internet explorer that might be having thousands of questions related to the browser and you still get confused between them. So, now you don’t need to get confused with the browser settings and its working. Our team of experts will assist you at every step and make the things very easier for you by giving you the best possible solutions to your queries. We provide 24*7 services to our precious users over the globe.


INTERNET EXPLORER is the oldest web browser by which people use to complete their search queries. It is quite famous and reliable browsers. However, the previous versions of this website are not stable and fast. But INTERNET EXPLORER upgrades itself and launches its latest upgraded version named ‘INTERNET EXPLORER 11’. It is stable and gives the high performance while working on windows. Even after the latest version, it sometimes causes problems to the users and the reasons could be- 

  • Internet Explorer freezes or crashes or hanged. These are the major issues which our users faced while using Internet Explorer Customer Support These were the problems faced in IE6 but company tried to fix this from the last some years. But still the cause of the problem is not properly cured and users still face these problems. Someone rightly said that the technology will never be 100 percent satisfying to the users. There are some loopholes which never gone be cured. Still, we tried to resolve them by restarting our devices and software for better performance.
  • Windows must be checked after some days for important updates and installation. To do so run WINDOWS UPDATE every after some days to check for new features and safety features. If you do not do this then you may find that the websites start closing itself or you see the message of the website could not open messages etc. Your opened websites must be properly compatible with the browsers version for better performance and recovery otherwise problems related to hanging, slow process is faced by the users.

If any user wants to ask any question related to INTERNET EXPLORER then you can have proper assistance from our experts. Our Chrome Support helps you to get the valuable answer to your query whether it is technical or non-technical. You will get the best possible answer and will be completely satisfied by our services. Customer satisfaction is what we focus.


   McAfee is one of the preeminent provider security software that was originated by American Intel security group giving best possible solution to the user. The best McAfee antivirus security service is given using the McAfee customer support. 


  • Any help related to McAfee can be resolved using chat process and can be made easier for the user to get the solution at the earliest via online problem solving skill set provided by the team of expert professionals that are making ease to the user 


  • McAfee antivirus provide a new set of technology driven tool kit to make updation of the daily pages wisely with great ease and this leads the antivirus to grow further providing the encrypted layer to the user in order to work efficiently on the system  


  • McAfee provides security with the firewall protection protocol so that transaction can be made via online process and the banking transaction can be used to do so in a meaningful manner so that no hacking and cyber crime takes place and provides high end security to the user to secure the credentials of the user 


  • It also provide the scanning process according to the scan process that takes place such that real time scan and the quick scan mechanisms so that the user can choose according to the will power what he has to do with particular scan 


  • The best and fantastic feature of the McAfee antivirus is the data restoration so that the data can be stored and backup of the files takes place if the system of the user crashes and this makes hassle to him. It has a mechanism to storing the data in a synchronized way so that the lost data can be made easily available to the user. 


  • The support given by the website makes easily available to the anti-theft protocol in order to give the protection to the user so that if the system of the user gets lost that the using the software enabled in the system provided by the McAfee customer support can be made easily possible with connection to the mobile device and can be found easily 


Although, the antivirus gives the full protection to the user and the firewall security with high end encrypted layer given to the user. The shredder technique is only provided by simply visiting our website in which they give best possible solution to the user with having trained experts and professionals in McAfee support team to tackle each and every issue with ease and the excellent part is the reliability of the user and gives a trustworthy support to the user.     





    HP FAQs

While using HP product, you may face problem while using these. FAQs of HP contains all question that user may ask when they have issue while using HP products, that should be resolved.  

Our experts are ready and happy to solve all the issues that user may face. All the technical issues should be discussed for the best solutions. Our aim is to provide better services and best solutions to all the problems faced by the customers.  

You can also visit Hp Technical Support.

 The common FAQs related to HP that customer may face- Computer doesn’t turn on- 


  • Make sure computer chord should be connected properly and completely. 
  • There may be circuit breakage, kindly fix it. 
  • Now restart the computer again. 

 What to do if computer crashes? 

  • It may be due to the complex functioning of the computer. 
  • Re-boot the computer in these types of error. 

 What if hard disk stops to work? 

  • Most common solution is shut down the system and restarts it. 
  • Through this, we get to know whether there is hard disk problem or not. 
  • If there will be severe problem in hard disk, system will fail to restart properly. 
  • In that case, you should contact company customer care because it is work of experts. You cannot resolve this problem by yourself. 

 “No signal Input” message- 

  • Firstly, you have to check the monitor cable is connected at the back of the computer. 
  • If it is connected, then check the cable should not be loose by disconnecting all the cables. It should be connected properly and tightly. 
  • Make sure that cable should be attached tightly at the screw end. 

 How to use Support Software Online? 

  • It is available anytime. 
  • Basically, it provides a direct link to all the technical and non-technical information about the software. 
  • Through this, you can resolve any of the issue faced by you. You just have to make a call and explain the problem details and the technicians will give their best to resolve the problem. 

 Where can we get manuals? 

  • On the installation disk, you will get all the manuals of the software solluion. 

 What is passport? 

  • Basically, it is a sign- in service. 
  • It provides us to use user identification and password for signing- in to the passport enabled websites. 

 Need of passport? 

  • You can go to the official site and register for HPE. 
  • It is mandatory for all the users to register for Passport account. 


These are some of the technical issues faced by the user. There may be other question or issues that may occur. For getting all the best solution of these issues, contact us through email. It should be descriptive email. All the detail about the problem should be discussed. Our Hp Printer Support Number team are 24*7 available to resolve your problem.