While using HP product, you may face problem while using these. FAQs of HP contains all question that user may ask when they have issue while using HP products, that should be resolved.  

Our experts are ready and happy to solve all the issues that user may face. All the technical issues should be discussed for the best solutions. Our aim is to provide better services and best solutions to all the problems faced by the customers.  

You can also visit Hp Technical Support.

 The common FAQs related to HP that customer may face- Computer doesn’t turn on- 


  • Make sure computer chord should be connected properly and completely. 
  • There may be circuit breakage, kindly fix it. 
  • Now restart the computer again. 

 What to do if computer crashes? 

  • It may be due to the complex functioning of the computer. 
  • Re-boot the computer in these types of error. 

 What if hard disk stops to work? 

  • Most common solution is shut down the system and restarts it. 
  • Through this, we get to know whether there is hard disk problem or not. 
  • If there will be severe problem in hard disk, system will fail to restart properly. 
  • In that case, you should contact company customer care because it is work of experts. You cannot resolve this problem by yourself. 

 “No signal Input” message- 

  • Firstly, you have to check the monitor cable is connected at the back of the computer. 
  • If it is connected, then check the cable should not be loose by disconnecting all the cables. It should be connected properly and tightly. 
  • Make sure that cable should be attached tightly at the screw end. 

 How to use Support Software Online? 

  • It is available anytime. 
  • Basically, it provides a direct link to all the technical and non-technical information about the software. 
  • Through this, you can resolve any of the issue faced by you. You just have to make a call and explain the problem details and the technicians will give their best to resolve the problem. 

 Where can we get manuals? 

  • On the installation disk, you will get all the manuals of the software solluion. 

 What is passport? 

  • Basically, it is a sign- in service. 
  • It provides us to use user identification and password for signing- in to the passport enabled websites. 

 Need of passport? 

  • You can go to the official site and register for HPE. 
  • It is mandatory for all the users to register for Passport account. 


These are some of the technical issues faced by the user. There may be other question or issues that may occur. For getting all the best solution of these issues, contact us through email. It should be descriptive email. All the detail about the problem should be discussed. Our Hp Printer Support Number team are 24*7 available to resolve your problem.