If you facing issued with the Acer products and you’re not able to solve them.  you can contact the Acer support for help which is available 24/7 to help you out and provide an easy solution for the problems. Acer support will help you in issue related to any product. 



Acer projectors are the good ones which have a high quality projection on the screen. There are lots of features to enhance the user experience with the projector and they are very easy to use. but sometimes, there are issues with the projector when projector doesn’t work properly. Some of the common issues that users have faced while using an Acer Projectors are: 

1.Loose Cables: When your projector doesn’t work correctly a shut off between the presentation or while using the projector  

  Solution: The solution for it is to check the whether the cables which are connected are tight enough and not loose which may lead to the loose connection between projector or system or the projector and te power source. 

2.Broken Lamp: When you turn on your projector but nothing display on the screen.

  Solution: The solution for it si to check whether the lamps working properly and dit is not broken and clear off the dust of lamps and also clear the air vents in the projector and check the power source and also see if you have properly connected the projector to the system. 

3.Pink Tint On Ccreen: When you see a pink tint on the screen on anything which you projected whether it is movie or slide show.

 Solution: The solution for is to check the RGB setting in the projector setting and rest them and change them according to you if needed. 

4.Issues In Display: When the display s working correctly and it appears black or doesn’t show half of the items or the everything appearing on the screen is blurry. 

 Solution: The solution for it is to check the lens if it is working fine and also check the settings if they are right and I the projector is connected to power source and also clear any obstruction In the lamp. 

These are the most common issues with Acer projector that users have faced while using the Acer projector and if you need any help regarding Acer projector or any other Acer products then you can contact the Acer Support for help and also you can ask any query you Hav related to Acer products then visit Acer Tech Support